WTF is this…and why??


WTF is this…and why??

Or…The Start

Over a series of texts and phone calls, I came to realize there is A LOT of info that my friends and I were coming about that should be shared. I’d be naive to think that we discovered a lot of this knowledge ourselves, but I doubt that’s true.

Thus, the idea of this blog was born. Not only as a collection of our growing knowledge about analog and hybrid photography, but in photography in general.

You know, stuff like composition, shooting techniques, “seeing” light, to the technical stuff. Things like scanners, films stocks, developers, Lightroom and Capture One trick, etc, etc, etc. Even the occasional behind-the-scenes video / article.

In the interest of “paying it forward”, felt like it would be good to share this knowledge with all of you that are interested in film, in digital, and in photography. 

There’s another reason for this site…admittedly a selfish reason..and that it to push myself as a photographer. To push my knowledge of film further. To answer “what-ifs”. To push my knowledge of composition further. To PUSH me further along a path I started as a young kid with my father and grandfather letting me “look” into their cameras and the magic and excitement that I saw.

In summary, welcome to All The Worlds A Blur. You’re welcome to join us on this journey. To join us in this community. To grow and learn with us. Or not. The choice is yours!