Every Zine needs a theme


Every Zine needs a theme

well… it’s almost been a year since I started to create content for this site.

Slowly gathering content

And the bug to create a zine has hit me again.

I don’t have a concept as of yet

I have some visual idea for layout

I have some idea of the visual content…but only in broad strokes.

So, where to begin?

Every zine needs a good theme!

What should this be?

Gritty black and white photos of people in a metropolitan environment?

Minimalistic landscape photos?

Abstractions of cars with expired color film?

Late night, blurry, grainy photos of me walking around downtown? The burbs??

How about taking a look back at my previous attempt of “yellow”?

Shoot film?

Shoot color film?

Shoot black and white film?

Shoot digital?

How about lo-fi-ish iPhone digital photos?


35mm? Medium format? Large format?

One lens? All my lenses? Just primes? Just zooms?

All of the above, put it all in a blender, and see what happens?

Lots to ponder…and I’m going to do what I did last time. Spend about a week just OBSERVING my world. 

THEN move forward.