bush on a sandy beach
bush on a sandy beach

Time to dust off this ‘ol website and get back to some of the original ideas that was the long brewing impetus of this whole project

Which brings me to the revival of this site.

My love of film hasn’t waned over this past 18 months. It’s actually grown. But, I had to put certain things aside, like we all did. 

Today is a Saturday. I have the following week away from work. Grateful I still have a job, but it is something that is long overdue.

Also in a week will be my 2nd time shooting an event since all this crud started back in Feb/March of 2020.

A bit nervous if I’m being honest.

I’m also struggling to decide if I want to shoot film.

And this event, no one cares if I shoot film or not. In fact, it takes too long to get the images back for their liking / needs. Which is understood. Fast events need fast execution of sharable content, right?

Right now, I’m strongly considering shooting film for part of it. The event can lend itself well to analog photography. Especially the people around it. Capturing their moments of elation and frustration. The grit and grime. The perseverance that many of these people go through for this passion of theirs. I always strive to capture as much as I can. For me, THAT is the story. But…admittedly a bit difficult. I’m an outsider poking his lens in their space. 

So, with that consideration, I’m in the process of deciding if I DID shoot film, WHAT film would I shoot? And now it’s black and white film, Delta 3200, Tmax 3200, or TriX pushed to 3200. 

And realistically, I’ll have to push what ever film I shoot to 6400 or more. And i’m afraid that TriX would fall apart that high….and maybe not in a good way.

Quick look online, fair amount of Tmax P3200 vs TriX@3200. With many saying P3200 keeps the shadow detail better.

This lighting will be high contrast and low light. Think those cheap work lights you see at your local hardware store… that’s what I’ll be dealing with.

Have any of you pushed TriX to extremes? Your experience?

Back down the google hole I go to do more research…

And if I do shoot film, I’ll be sure to share here and on instagram.

Have a better one!


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